Meet Lilica, A 551-Pound Pig That Is Being Loved And Adored By Her Family

Rosângela Martins dos Santos de Lara lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She got a piglet three years ago and was so happy with it.

Now, 3 years later, she has a lovely pig that weighs about 551 pounds and measures 5 feet.

Woman loves pig so much and named her Lilica.

Rosangela’s daughter, Larissa, told Bored Panda that they were so surprised and speechless when they saw the pig growing up so fast.

“We always thought it wasn’t going to grow anymore, but then it grew and grew. The proportion of the size that the pig has reached is insane but we love it and it is well taken care of.”

Lilica is raised indoors, as a pet, and shares a room with Rosângela and her husband.

Pig is so happy with her family and they have appreciates her as the way she is.

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