Kitten Buried In Backyard Trash Persisted in Meowing Until Someone Heard Him

One day, while out in their yard, someone heard faint sounds coming from their compost heap. Concerned, they looked harder and discovered a little, scared 4-week-old kitten hidden in the compost heap. They called the RSPCA right away because they didn’t want the kitten to be alone and suffer any longer.

In a news release, Paige Burnham, an animal collection officer with the RSPCA, stated, “When I took him, he was shivering, afraid, and very hungry; he broke my heart.” “I brought him to an RSPCA facility overnight and provided him with a hot water bottle, food, and a warm bed, and he started to revive up.”

Russell was given that name by the shelter staff, and everyone fell in love with the fluffy black cat right away. Russell appeared to be in good health despite his trauma, and he didn’t appear to have any health problems. He warmed up to the shelter workers right away once he was cleaned up and settled in, and he touched the hearts of everyone who met him.

Burnham remarked, “This darling little guy is really wonderful.” “We don’t know where he came from.” We don’t know if he’s a lost kitten or if he’s been abandoned. In any case, his mother was not present, and he should not have been outside alone at such a young age.”

Whatever events brought Russell to that compost heap, he’s now safe and sound at the shelter, where he’ll spend his time with his new pals until it’s time for him to move to his new forever home.

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