A Woman Will Not Give Up On A Sick Shelter Dog Who Has Been Abused For The Past Six Years

Shira Astrof changed the dog’s name as one of the first things she did for her. She began referring to her as Ruby.

“We’re not using her former name from when she was abused anymore,” Astrof, a volunteer for Care Rescue LA, the Los Angeles rescue organization that assisted Ruby in her rescue, told The Dodo. “For a fresh start, we wanted to give her a new name.”

Ruby was surrendered to a shelter in West Valley, Los Angeles, in July after being taken from her owner, who is facing charges of animal abuse. The dog was damaged, ill, and frightened after years of cruelty.

“I was informed she was adopted from the West Valley pound when she was ten months old six years ago, and she was this gorgeous, healthy German shepherd mix,” Astrof recalled. “Six years later, she was returned to the police as an emaciated 40-pound dog who couldn’t use her hind legs.”

While Astrof is unaware of all of the specifics surrounding the prior owner’s situation, she is aware that Ruby went through hell.

“They stated she was crated for six years and that’s why her rear legs were completely atrophied,” Astrof explained. “She also appears to have been beaten.”

Ruby’s circumstances improved at the shelter, but she was remained isolated in a separate room as officials gathered evidence to charge Ruby’s owner, according to Astrof.

“They believed she was going to die in there because she was so depressed,” Astrof added. “She refused to eat or drink anything.”

Fortunately, Astrof came in and offered assistance. Astrof reached out to the shelter staff and police after watching a video of Ruby at the shelter and formed an agreement with them: if they agreed to allow Astrof take Ruby home, she would continue to assist them in gathering evidence, providing medical documents and picture updates on Ruby as required.

According to Astrof, Ruby changed after she left the shelter.

“She placed her full faith in me from the moment I acquired her, and she simply trusts and loves everyone,” Astrof added. “And the first thing I told her was that she was secure and that she would never be hurt again.”

Astrof was particularly taken aback by Ruby’s fondness for humans. Astrof had anticipated Ruby to be wary and distant after what she’d been through with her last owner, but she was the polar opposite.

“She has no fear of other people,” Astrof remarked. “When a new person or animal enters the room, her tail quickly begins to wag. She adores dogs, cats, and people in general. It’s a great example of how dogs vary from people. It’s as though she recognizes that she’s been rescued and that she’s now been rescued.”

Ruby, on the other hand, faces a number of physical difficulties. For starters, Ruby has to gain weight; she now weighs just over 40 pounds, despite the fact that she should be closer to 90. Then there’s Ruby’s chronic pain.

Astrof stated, “Her body is still in such a dreadful physical shape.” “When she lays on me, she doesn’t lay down like a regular dog – it takes her a minute to acclimate, and then she needs to tumble on top of me.” Her entire body has atrophied to the point that she can’t forget it. She’s in excruciating agony at the moment.”

Ruby is also dealing with some psychological issues.

“Even if she’s in excruciating agony, she won’t go to the potty inside the home because she’s afraid,” Astrof explained. “She’ll hold it if she’s not brought outdoors, and it’s certainly a fear-driven thing.” That was most likely implanted in her by her abuser.”

Astrof and her friend Maria (who is presently parenting Ruby) take her to frequent acupuncture treatments, massages, and water therapy sessions to help her get well.

“She’s clearly improving,” Astrof stated. “We also take her to the veterinarian every other day – we’re taking care of everything.”

Astrof is also assisting Ruby in participating in conventional canine activities that she may not have previously experienced, such as going to the dog park. Ruby is having a great time with everything.

“It’s as if she wants to savor every moment of her life that she didn’t have,” Astrof explained. “She even enjoys her walks, despite the fact that she is clearly in agony.” She does, however, notify us when she needs to be picked up.”

Astrof even found Ruby’s passion for classical music. “Right instantly, her tail begins wagging,” Astrof remarked. “When we turn it off, her tail comes to a complete halt.” It begins wagging again when we turn it back on.”

And Ruby adores Astrof’s cats, despite the fact that they aren’t always fond of her.

“When she sees them, she begins sobbing with joy,” Astrof added. “All she wants to do is kiss, play, and snuggle with them, and they’ll do it for a second before swatting her.”

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